Reiki My Life


Reiki My Life has the power to infuse extremely high divine vibrational energy to the recipient, which has the effect of benefiting them at the level of their physical body, their mind, and their soul. It overflows to fill the space and beings surrounding them, and create the most ideal life possible. 

Join like minded people who receive amazing divine assistance from Reiki My Life. Sharing with you a pure connection and transmission of enlightened energy, which originates from the highest realm of Love and Light. Each service is designed to create an increased flow of positive energy through your life.

Your Higher Self aligns together with the highest divine Reiki energy, along with blessings from a team of Angels, Archangels and other Enlightened Masters that visit you in their bodies of pure light during each blessing. They work directly with your energy bodies and larger auric field that surround you. Reiki My Life is created in the highest way, ensuring that all you receive is in divine order for you.

The nature of this healing does not require close physical proximity to the healer. You receive the enlightened energies of these blessings even if you forget it is taking place, you are busy, or you are asleep. Your privacy and satisfaction is our highest priority. You will receive a personalized review of this blessings in your e-mail each week 24-48 hours after the blessing takes place. Our subscribers have shared with us that the blessing is often synchronistic with what they are moving through in their life at that time.

Remember that Reiki is precisely directed energy. Think of it as the practitioner dropping a stone in the middle of the lake.  The ripples are healing energy and they meet you at the shore. 


Reiki For You

Reiki for Divine Love and Healing nourishes your whole being with divine light. Gracefully, it shifts you closer to your divine self and optimal being. The energy of reiki is sent to you, wherever you are. It is simple and easy to receive, and it is free every week.


Reiki For Your Business

We support your business to thrive at its highest potential… We serve small individuals through through to multi-million dollar corporations. We optimize your meetings, business spaces, projects, careers, business journeys, or even learning pursuits.


Reiki For Your Lifestyle

Divine healing can fill all aspects of your life. Reiki may enhance your animals, your home, your events, creative space, academic pursuit, journey or vacation, your recovery, or as a gift to a loved one. With reiki flowing through your life, you will be susceptible to health, happiness, and prospertiy.