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What does sending Reiki to my project entail?

Advance your project in the highest way…

Reiki My Individual Project supports you to bring a project through into creation and/or to completion.

Both your energy body and your projects energy body receive a blessing every week.

For Your Energy

Unbalanced energy can lower the vibration of your project, and in turn slow down the momentum and positive flow of your project. Each week your energy body will be assisted to gently release fears about your project. Also where possible karma related to the manifestation of your project will be lifted from you.

As fear and karma transforms this supports you to be more empowered in your contributions and actions towards your project. This has the potential to create more ease and flow for your project.

For Your Projects Energy

Your project also has its own energy body that is created when you focus and give your energy to an intention and purpose. This contains within it the energy and consciousness related to your project. This includes emotional energy and thought forms about your project, as well as the higher plan of your project.

This energy body of your project is worked with by the Angels to elevate its vibration and divine light. This has the potential to build positive momentum and strength within your project. Your entire project is also cleared of negative or unbalanced energy each week during the blessing.

All of this supports your project to advance in the highest way towards success, and gracefully aligns it to the higher plan that your project is sourced from.

BONUS – For Your Project Support People’s Energy

This weekly blessing can also be received by a few people you are working close with. This will assist them to work on the project with greater clarity and focus.

How does Reiki My Project work?

Well, reiki is wonderful and powerful - it has no boundaries of time or space. There is a specific area of reiki shown to advanced practitioners called distance reiki. It transcends traditional boundaries. It is channeled into the past to heal traumatic events, or into the future to optimize instances to come. It can be used to heal a person across the world from a practitioner. And because reiki can be sent to objects, animals, places, events, intentions, goals, traits and pretty much everything - It can be used in large scales to cleanse geographic areas like schools or neighborhoods, and even used by tons of practitioners to add more intent into world peace! 
Distance Reiki works according to the Hermetic Law of Similarity, which holds that we are all connected, as we are all energy matter and part of a larger whole. We all have access to this life force energy (Ki), otherwise known as our Chi, Qi or prana, as it flows through each and every being. 
This special type of reiki is believed to channel the Akashic Records. In theosophy and anthroposophy, the Akashic records are a compendium of all human events, thoughts, words, emotions and intent ever to have occurred, believed by theosophists to be encoded in a non-physical plane of existence known as the etheric plane. Since reiki comes from the highest planes of love and light, it coexists with these records respectively.
Therefore, distance reiki can be just as highly effective as an in-person session. Hence reiki comes from the highest realm of love and light, our practitioners merely act as channels and direct this ultimate healing to specific intentions. Our practitioners are trained in working with this divine energy and are individually attuned to channel it. You are never receiving another's energy. Reiki can do no harm.

What is the process?

Each week, our practitioners call upon this powerful all-knowing energy into the specific intention it is requested. A practitioner takes your personal case, name and intent, usually written on a small card, sometimes with a photo and starts by praying on it. Our practitioner calls upon divine Reiki energy from the highest realm of Love and Light, as well as Angels, Archangels, Enlightened Masters, our Spirit Guides, and other Ascendants relevant to connect with your Higher Self and Spirit Guides, and ask to bring this Divine blessing to you and aide in your healing. Divine energy is received by your Higher Self, Soul, and auric energy body and flows into the requested areas. This same process transmits to your animal's and loved one's same Higher Self, Soul, and auric energy field. This same process is used to completely fill and optimize sealed spaces as requested, and guides the pathway for specific intentions as well. The practitioner channels reiki energy directly to you for a distance session, they enhance it with special sacred symbols as well. One amazing focus of Reiki, is the elimination of bioki. Ki is the life force energy that flows through all things. Rei means spiritually guided wisdom - meaning that Reiki is the purest highest form of energy of Love and Light. This makes bioki not necessarily a bad thing, but it is essentially stale energy that no longer serves us, and has the potential to fog up and prevent completely healing energy from filling out space. We eliminate this stale energy for a better experience. This session is then amplified and sealed. Your card is blessed and placed in a crystal grid with other intentions until next session, where it is optimized for continuous maximum healing, and beamed reiki everyday

What can I expect by sending Reiki to my project?

These blessings deeply affect your personal energy field and reality in a positive way. Each blessing is unique and includes a clearing of negative or unbalanced energy from your energy bodies. You will notice a positivity shift. Generally you will not know exactly when the service is taking place. The blessing is most likely to occur when your self, space, and surroundings are at its most quiet. This will either be when no one is in the area, or when some are asleep. We ask the primary of these blessings to happen with little going on, so the energy doesn't have conflicting energies to counteract, and can truly optimize its work and benefits. This is intentional so that the highest potential blessing can take place. If you are very sensitive to energy and have a clear connection with the Angels, your Higher Self and spirit guides you may have an awareness of it taking place. If you are not so sensitive energy then you may not feel it taking place immediately. You will however notice and feel the effects over time.

Knowing that Reiki is working depends on how sensitive you are. You may feel a sense of calm straight away, or feel very specifically a change. If you are a person who is not sensitive to different energy, other things may begin to emerge within a 1-2 month period. You may find yourself feeling little calmer about things in your life, perhaps a little more relaxed. You may find yourself interested in reducing clutter (emotional, mental or physical); or interested in ways to make your environment more nurturing and supportive of you and/or those around you. If after the first month you don’t feel the service is not working for your home, please contact us letting us know in what way you don’t feel it is working.

How can you get the most out of your subscription?

By being conscious of the Reiki taking place you will receive a more powerful connection with the divine energies being offered to you. To receive the greatest benefit from these wonderful energies, you can set your intention to be still and meditative, especially on the days of healing. Setting personal intentions and affirmations proves wonders into directing Reiki energy and the angels into helping you specifically were you may see or need it. In our experience, starting a meditation practice is incredible for this experience, if you don't have one already. This practice allows you to still the mind, notice energies around you, and perpetuate positivity. This does not mean you need to be deeply meditating, simply be still, quiet and receptive in whatever way works for you. Another practice that proves beneficial is to keep positivity and calmness flowing through all areas of your life and around you when you can. The less negative, chaotic, dishevel, or stale energy generated around you, the less these higher energies have to compensate for. By keeping energy positive, the more focus this energy can put into thoroughly enlightening everything it can. We understand this isn't always plausible or in our control (trust me, we experience it too) but it's all about the effort, or the progress not perfection. This may be beneficial to practice in general, with or without these services. Just remain open-minded and receptive, and enjoy the healing coming your way.


Reiki My Project




Reiki My Project