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Please send photos related to your intention
These photos are strongly preferred and recommended to optimize the healing sent. When we incorporate a photo with our crystal grids, the energy has a clear pathway and destination. Without a photo, the energy will still reach you without a problem - the photo is a suggestion to enhance your experience and purchase. 
    •    Clearly label each photograph with the name of the person or space being registered.
    •    The photograph should be a recent photo, taken within the last 3 months.
    •    The photograph should not include any other people or pets, only the registrant.
    •    If you are registering multiple people or spaces, each registrant needs their own


How can you get the most out of your subscription?

By being conscious of the Reiki taking place you will receive a more powerful connection with the divine energies being offered to you. To receive the greatest benefit from these wonderful energies, you can set your intention to be still and meditative, especially on the days of healing. Setting personal intentions and affirmations proves wonders into directing Reiki energy and the angels into helping you specifically were you may see or need it. In our experience, starting a meditation practice is incredible for this experience, if you don't have one already. This practice allows you to still the mind, notice energies around you, and perpetuate positivity. This does not mean you need to be deeply meditating, simply be still, quiet and receptive in whatever way works for you. Another practice that proves beneficial is to keep positivity and calmness flowing through all areas of your life and around you when you can. The less negative, chaotic, dishevel, or stale energy generated around you, the less these higher energies have to compensate for. By keeping energy positive, the more focus this energy can put into thoroughly enlightening everything it can. We understand this isn't always plausible or in our control (trust me, we experience it too) but it's all about the effort, or the progress not perfection. This may be beneficial to practice in general, with or without these services. Just remain open-minded and receptive, and enjoy the healing coming your way.


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